10x your SAFTs return

Lancelot is an institutional SAFT tracker and DeFi gateway for crypto funds to automatically track and claim their vestings.

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Track automatically your distributions

Visualize all your wallets, token investments, and tranches in an intuitive and efficient dashboard. For each investment, get the total balance, list of transactions, and vesting schedules


Claim directly from Lancelot

Click the claim button on your dashboard, connect your wallet, and retrieve your tokens ... without ever leaving Lancelot.

Save time in reconciliations

With your token agreements onboarded on Lancelot, our software will automatically reconcile all transactions to give you a clear status on all expected vested token distribution.

Save Time

Lancelot integrates with Safe

Claim your tokens with a Safe, directly from Lancelot

Managing your claiming process with a Safe used to be tedious. Now you can do it on Lancelot directly!

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Built for teams

Define roles/permissions, invite your colleagues and assign them a role. Roles with view-only permission can connect directly with their professional email.


Large and small crypto funds

Dial in with the proper granularity: manage one or several funds, connect several wallets per fund, and track each tranche of the same token separately.

make scenced

Making sense of a (messy) past

Lancelot seamlessly incorporates all your past token distribution irregularities in one accurate, exhaustive investment view.


Easy to onboard your vesting plans

Lancelot supports all types of vesting schedules, even the most custom. Our team of experts convert your SAFTs into programmable vesting schedules or import your existing spreadsheet.


Always audit-ready

Lancelot tracks and saves all transactions linked to your early-stage token investments down to the atomic transfers with corresponding block explorer details. All data is available for export in CSV format.


Set up alerts to stay on top

Set up alerts on your investments’ critical events or activities so you can anticipate and stay in control.

What’s up next?

We believe the future of early stage investment can't ignore the power of tokens as a store of value for ventures. Lancelot makes it easy to manage private token investments for Crypto funds. Here is what’s coming:

Performance metrics

Give your team an insightful dashboard to visualize your fund and investment performance metrics.

Swap or stake

Use the asymmetric advantage you got from your real-time alerts to trade, swap or stake
... directly from Lancelot.


Track and claim tokens across all major blockchain networks such as Polygon, Binance chain. Solana, Hedera and more.

Custodial integrations

Initialize a claiming process with a multi-signature custodial wallet directly from Lancelot, Then invite your co-owners to sign.

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